Hereto is outlined the responsible undertaking of Complete Mailing Pty Ltd (hereafter known as Complete Mailing) regarding the receipt, storage and use of confidential client supplied databases and customer information files. Said files are received, stored and used for the purpose of supplying data-driven printing & mailing services using Australia Post, email marketing services and other online services as the case may be and for no other purpose as rendered in invoices.


May it be known, Complete Mailing observes the National Privacy Act (1988) and subsequent amendments. In the case of email marketing services Complete Mailing is fully compliant with the Spam Act (2003). Compliance is assured by “opt-in” validation protocols on part of the software provider, procedural documentation and archived job history.


Appropriate systems to fire-wall and virus protection software are continually maintained across servers, PC’s and other devices. Data is backed up daily to on-site servers and periodically to off-site servers. Server access is controlled by senior management and PC’s are password protected. Clients are offered online username and password access for secure file transfer under SSL certification. Where a third party to client file development is required, multiple stakeholder SFTP username and password access can be granted with controlled limitations.


We wish to confirm that Client Data (in the form of Data or Image Files or any other format) will not be made available to personnel outside of the client organisation. Complete Mailing agrees:

  1. To use the Computer Data or Image Files solely and exclusively for the purpose of dispatching the client’s mailings;
  2. To hold the Computer Data or Addressed Items supplied by the client, under lock and key, until they are used for the client’s designated mailings and dispatched in the post or by email to the Names and Addresses nominated by the client;
  3. Not to remove all or any part of the Names and Addresses supplied by the client, or disclose the Names and Addresses for any use by any parties other than as specified by the client;
  4. Not to duplicate, reproduce or retain all or any part of the Names and Addresses supplied by the client in any form whatsoever other than as specified by the client;
  5. Not to incorporate all or any part of the Names and Addresses supplied by the client into any mailing, other than those nominated by the client.